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Tvdb::Season Class Reference

#include <tvdb/season.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Season ()
 Season (const Season &other)
 ~Season ()
Seasonoperator= (const Season &other)
int id () const
Series series () const
int seasonNumber () const
int numEpisodes () const
QList< Episodeepisodes () const
Episode operator[] (int number) const

Detailed Description

Sebastian Trueg <>

Definition at line 41 of file season.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Tvdb::Season::Season ( )
Tvdb::Season::Season ( const Season other)
Tvdb::Season::~Season ( )

Member Function Documentation

Season& Tvdb::Season::operator= ( const Season other)
int Tvdb::Season::id ( ) const
Series Tvdb::Season::series ( ) const
int Tvdb::Season::seasonNumber ( ) const
int Tvdb::Season::numEpisodes ( ) const
QList<Episode> Tvdb::Season::episodes ( ) const
Episode Tvdb::Season::operator[] ( int  number) const

Get an episode by episode number. Be aware that the index starts at 1.

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